The Story

Versailles, 1789.
The legendary court of Marie Antoinette reigns. You’ve been invited to a gathering of the Queen’s most treasured nobles. Opulence, decadence, and secrecy await.
You enter…

Enter The Story

The Experience

Champagne bubbles as the musicians play. The court arrives dressed in their finest attire. A lavish ball is about to begin.
Everything is ready for you…

Be The Story

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Royal Perks

Get the full experience! We dress you up. We offer you a pastry and champagne feast. We immerse you in history and entertainment. And it’s all in English!

BE the story! Go beyond the average tour and LIVE the history!

Take home an experience not a souvenir! Create a lasting memory you can share with your friends back home! And have a great Instagram photo too!

Meet the Court

Louis XVI

King of France and Navarre


Queen of France and Navarre

The Duchess of Polignac

The Queen’s Favorite and Governess to the Royal Infants

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