Adieu 2020, Bonjour 2021 !  

Cher 1 Diary, This has been quite a year ! We have all lived through this epidemic that has kept us isolated in our apartments in Versailles and of course the grenouilles de la seine 2 had to keep to their homes as much as possible as well. Princesse de Lamballe was planning a wonderful party for the Queen and it was going to happen at the beginning of July, but of course this embêtant 3 epidemic made that impossible. Many of the guests were going to be joining us from the colonies and other places rather far away. Very important people to be sure and I was so looking forward to meeting them. Now we just don’t know when we will be able to have our parties or when our international guests will be able to join us, but we hope it will be soon! 

In the meantime, some of the more brilliant artisans here at the castle came up with some remarkable inventions in their spare time. For example, by some magic, many of us members of the court were able to hold a cocktail hour via something the inventors called Facebook Live. They also invented a magic box that allowed us to see and talk to people in far away places living in the far away future : the year 2020 ! It was fascinating and unbelievable. I am still flabbergasted that this is possible ! One thing I learned was that it is not considered proper in the year 2020 to have lovers or mistresses . Can you imagine the ennui 4 !? In any case, learning how to use all these new inventions certainly helped us pass the time ! 

I have also amused myself by inventing new aphrodisiac cocktails, which are absolutely delicieux 5 and very effective as I was able to verify with the Comte de Vaudreuil. He became utterly insatiable, as did I, when indulging in these new boissons 6

And my goodness, we have been following what has been going on in the Colonies, much thanks to letters from General Lafayette. It would seem that there is a veritable révolution underway with the colonists wanting to be free from England’s rule. We shall see what happens with that. On verra 7…    I am sure this next year will hold plenty of surprises and I will continue to write to you about them, my Dear Diary.   

Forever Yours, 



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