The simplest way to understand “immersive” is to think of the show as a theater play where, instead of being seated in the audience and watching the play unfold on the stage, you are on the stage, in costume, free to interact with the actors and even to take up a role in the play! Only there are no stages. The action unfolds all around you.

Immersive is all about you and what you feel comfortable with. As such, how much of an active part you will actually play is entirely up to you. You will be offered opportunities to interact with actors and perform small tasks, but if you would rather just observe the action and explore the set, you can do that too! Play a game at the card table, chat with fellow participants, or try to get an audience with the Queen! It’s all up to you!

After purchasing a ticket, each participant will be emailed a bespoke character identity which will allow you to delve deeper into the story. You are free to play the character as created for you or to come as yourself. You will also be assigned an optional mission should you want to have more interaction throughout the experience.

Yes to both. You are invited to  either come alone or with family and friends. As you like. If you’d like to go through the experience with a friend or couple, we have tailored made character identities to match your situation.

No, you don’t need to be an expert in history in order to enjoy the experience. You can research the period and the characters prior to arriving, but you can also choose to discover them entirely through the experience.

Yes, but you don’t have to worry about it! You  will arrive in your own clothes and then be dressed into your noble costuming by our chambermaids and valets. We provide the costuming!

Great question! After purchasing your ticket, you will be asked to send us your measurements and a recent full body photo so that we can prepare your costuming to the best of our ability.

From beginning to end, the experience will run approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes.

The show consists of a full program of activities to offer a complete immersive experience. Upon arrival, you will first be dressed in your noble attire by the chambermaids and valets. Once you have finished with your wardrobing, you will then sit and have your portrait taken by the court photographer. After that, you will then enter the ballroom where the party is underway. There you will enjoy live music, a lyrical singer, a game of Faro, a pastry buffet with champagne and even a short dance demonstration to teach you a few of the moves of the period. After everyone has been dressed, the King and Queen will arrive and the main storyline will begin. At that point, you will be fully immersed in royal festivities as well as intrigue.

Our show is based on timed arrivals. Your arrival time will be communicated to you prior to the show. It is requested that you arrive on time in order to participate in the experience. Late arrivals will not be permitted to enter and are not subject to reimbursement.

 Each participant will have their own container in order to place their personal belongings for the duration of the show. Outsiders will not have access to the dressing room in order to keep your personal belongings safe.

In order to maintain a consistent immersion, no cell phones or similar electronic devices will be permitted in the show. They will be stored along with your personal belongings. You will have the opportunity to take photos with your phone after you have been costumed but prior to entering the party.

Yes, included in the experience is a delicious pastry buffet, tea, water and of course, champagne. If there is a gluten or dairy intolerance, please let us know upon purchasing your ticket. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

You have the option to purchase Court Member (general admission) or High Court (VIP) tickets. Court Member ticket holders will receive a bespoke identity and have full access to the show without any specific participation required. High Court ticket holders will receive a special bespoke identity, secure a privileged arrival time and have full access while being given specific missions to accomplish throughout the experience.

Tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable after purchase.

No, you do not need to print your ticket to enter. You can show your e-ticket confirmation on your phone or similar electronic device.

Yes, if you would like to purchase tickets as a gift for someone else, please email us with the request.

The show will be available in English to begin with but we intend to offer a French version of the show shortly afterwards. We recommend that all participants have a conversational level of English in order to make the most of your experience.

The show is available to anyone starting 16 years old. Any participants under 18 years of age are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages.

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